Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting in ShibaGalaxy

What is Bounty Hunting?

Basically, the Bounty Hunting feature allows users to Stake Shiba NFTs to receive rewards in $SHIBGX tokens.
The feature will be released soon

Bounty Hunting Rules

  • The total daily bounty is fixed and divided among all participating Shibas. Each participating Shiba will receive a reward corresponding to their bounty hunting ability.
  • This stat depends on the Shiba rarity and will be random within a specific range.
Bounty Stat Range
Rare 1
10 - 20
Rare 2
30 - 40
Rare 3
50 - 60
Rare 4
70 - 80
Rare 5
90 - 100
Rare 6
200 - 300
  • The system continuously rewards players for participating in bounty hunting in real-time, and they can claim it at any time.
  • Shibas participating in bounty can not be traded on the Shiba Marketplace.
Last modified 1yr ago