Battling Guide

Combat Angry bears and dragons to gain rewards

How to Battle ⚔️

There are some requirements before you can battle to earn rewards in SHIBGX token:
1) you must own atleast one Shiba​
2) you must hold the required amount of SHIBGX token in your wallet to play game, you are not going to pay-out, just hold in your wallet
3) Remember to keep some BNB in your wallet for gas fee


Step 1: Visit the ShibaGalaxy website​
Step 2: Click "Launch App" to access Gaming portal
Step 3: Click "Connect" to connect your wallet
Step 4: Select "Battle" Tab
Step 5: Choose the Shiba you want to Battle with
Step 6: Select an enemy to combat
Step 7: Confirm your transaction and wait for the results after the automatic battles
If you win, you can claim your reward. If not, you lost the gas fee and 1 turn to play.